D. Adelae “Giant”. Australian Sundew, Carnivorous Plant.

By far one of my favorite sundews, truly a must have for a sundew lover.

D. Adelae is from an Australian rainforest. An Impressive elegant long unfurling lance shaped leaves. Covered with deep red to pink colored digestive glands, rivaling some of the largest sticky dew drops I’ve seen on any sundew. Sends out a long flower stalk with small 1/4”inch star shape flowers, ranging in color from red, pink, cream, to white.

-Easy to grow sundew
-No dormancy required
-Grows to 12” in diameter, 6” inch leaves.
-Grows new plants from its roots filling a pot in a couple seasons.
-Serious bug catcher, especially fungus gnats
-Flowers seldomly seed

Care recommendations

-Full to part sun, perfect for sunny to medium bright windowsill.
-Leaves stay green and broader in medium light, more slender reddish maroon color under more intense light.
-Tolerates lower light than most sundews.
-Increase light if digestive glads are not pink to red.

Always recommended to water with rain, distilled, or reverse osmosis (R/O). Soft water 50ppm or less ok.
-Always sitting in dish or tray of water about 2” inches high.
-Loves high humidity, bigger dew drops with increased humidity.
-Great for terrarium that can house its size.
-Mist plant as often as you like, helps to increase humidity.

-If grown outdoors most to all the leaves will die if it gets too cold. But should regrow from roots in the spring, just keep soil wet year-round. Best to bring plant indoors over winter if possible.

Soil/growing media
-I grow these in 1:1 milled Canadian peat:perlite mix, one can substitute sand for perlite.
-Can grow in live or dried long fiber sphagnum moss.

-Cut any brown dead leaves.

What’s available
* Please note pictures are a representation of what plants looks like.
** Size and color will vary.
-Will have different size plants available for sale throughout the year. Leaf size ranging from 1” inch leaf to 4” inches.
-Potted in a square 2.5”inch wide by 3.5” tall pot.
-Ships USPS Priority Mail, with tracking.

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