African violet ‘Allegro Chicory Charm’

Allegro Chicory Charm (J. Stromborg)

Flower: Semidouble-double light lavender-blue wavy pansy.

Leaves: Dark green, heart-shaped, glossy, scalloped/red back.

Adult size: Semiminiature. Sold in 3" nursery pot.

This is a healthy young plant beginning to put on flowers. Allegro Chicory Charm has such a beautiful pastel lavender-blue flower! Unusual and not hard to grow. Will be the same size as the larger one in the pics in about a year.

Give it lots of bright, indirect light. Let it dry out a bit between waterings. If you over water and get fungus gnats, get some mosquito bits and follow the instructions. If you get powder mildew and it stunts the growth / eats the flower buds, mix a few drops of neem oil, a few drops of castile soap, and some filtered water in a mister and spray the plant down at night. Mildew (and other pests) hate neem.

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