Monstera Albo Variegated Borsigiana Rooted Mid


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the magic walnut.

Sun requirement: Partial sun
Care instructions: Monstera Albo - Monstera Albo Care and Intro Hi! This is what has worked for me. If you have a method that works for you please feel free to do what you are comfortable with. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! ***FOR CUTTINGS WITH LEAVES*** Best environment: 50-75% humidity indoor, temperature range 50-80F Upon receipt, take off moss, wash root thoroughly under running tap water. Please do NOT cut off anything (not even rot) from a plant cutting with active root growing. Please do not add anything (no wax, no cinnamon, no superglue) to any surfaces of the plant. - Root this cutting in tap or bottled water for 30 more days INDOOR. Do not place this cutting outdoors. No distilled water / No reverse osmosis water / No softened water / No nutrients. NO ROOTS Cutting instructions. Avoid heating pads\may cause root rot. Too warm. For top cutting, fill water to the highest node (highest bump you see on the stem). 1 leaf with roots. Submerge roots and nodes in water, Keep the leaf out of the water. Please change water once every 7 days (normal to see some fuzzy material build-up near the root zone). Water may become cloudy, this is normal. Always use more water than you think the cutting may need as long as the leaf is not underwater. Place cutting near (within 2 inches) south-facing window. If it is winter/cold weather please block any drafts from the window, and maintain temps near the above-mentioned suggested range. The GREEN upper surface of the leaf must face a light source. It needs 15 hours of bright light. If not enough light hours are available, please supplement with full spectrum grow light. Not cabinet led strips. I would keep your new cutting indoors so that you can better control and monitor the temp and humidity. WITH ROOTS - PLEASE AVOID THE TEMPTATION TO IMMEDIATELY PUT YOUR PLANT IN ANY SOIL MIX:) Same as above After 30 days, transition into a mix of 70/10/10/5/5 - Perlite/Orchid Bark/Worm Castings/Pumice/ Finely Chopped Sphagnum Peat Moss. Water once - Preferably in the morning when the sun is coming out, and only if the soil is mostly dry. and let dry to 95% dry. Repeat the previous step until your plant is as big as you would like it to be!!! [Aerial Roots Can be in Water] Enjoy! Please reach out with any questions. Thank you and Happy Planting!

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