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Magnificent Catlin Elm (miniature version of the Chinese Elm) bonsai tree.

Full canopy and very nice movement in the trunk with lots of branching.

Fsst growing and easy maintenance guide available for beiginner.

Great addition to your collection or as a special gift!

Mature, healthy and hardy and comes with simple to follow care guide.

Will do great in shade or partial sun.

Potted with Jay's special blend bonsai soil and fertilized on 4/15/2022

Photos taken 4/15/2021

Height:  10" tall from ground (including pot)
Canopy: full canopy
Pot: 8.75" wide rectangle unglazed bonsai pot with 2 drainage holes. Has small chip on back corner that can be seen in last photo.
Soil: Premium Special blend bonsai soil (Pumice, Lava, Calcined Clay)

You get the exact same tree and pot in photo.

Ulmus parvifolia, var 'Catlin', is a sport of the common Chinese elm. It is partly evergreen in mild climate and evergreen in the south. Its leaves are a
1/4" to 3/4" long and are a shiny dark green, lanceolate and smaller than zelkova. John Catlin, a landscape designer in California, found this sport on
an Ulmus parvifolia or Chinese elm in a nursery in about 1953. Jim Barrett named it Catlin Elm to honor the man who found it and to separate it from the Chinese elm.

Quality is our number one priority!

Every bonsai tree by Jay's Bonsai is unique in it's own way.
Our trees are carefully trained and nurtured until they are healthy and happy before they are available for purchase.

Most of our trees thrive outdoors.

Some can be grown indoors with bright light and do great on a sunny window sill.

Jay's Bonsai trees are grown and shipped from Southern California.

Sun requirement: Partial shade
Care instructions: Comes with care guide

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