‘Ma’s Toxic Spill’ African violet Streptocarpus in pot

This is a really beautiful specimen! One of the best Toxic Spill plants I've grown.

Ma's Toxic Spill is a super weird and unusual African Violet varietal. Streptocarpus (as opposed to most of what I usually have, Saintpaulia) is known for wilder color combos, and is even easier to care for (if that's even possible.)

The leaves have very dark, ruby red backs, and the flowers are an almost eye-hurting shade of ultraviolet blue and purple with random white splotches. It is a "large standard" sized violet. They like tight shoes, so it's fine in this 4 inch ceramic pot for at least another year.

"In its native Africa, Cape Primrose can be found on a forest floor where low light and periods of dryness are common."1 Easy to take care of, easy to propagate, flowers year-round. A happy, wacky, unusual indoor plant!


Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: 6-12 hours of indirect sun. Water when dry. Rotate a quarter turn each day for even growth if light source is only on one side. African violet fertilizer recommended.

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