DEN Sustainable Soil - Supercharged Biochar (4 Qt bag)

Supercharged Biochar:
A nutrient packed way to reduce water

OurCarbon™* Biochar

Impact Report:
75 lbs of CO2e prevented
per 4 Qt bag

3in × 10in × 14in

DEN uses OurCarbon in all of our mixes, now you can snag it on your own to mix into outdoor soils or to make your own specialized soil mix! :)).

Biochar has been used in soils for thousands of years to improve the fertility of soils. Because of its large surface area, the microbes that keep soils healthy are able to thrive and the material is able to hold onto water - reducing water needs by as much as 40%! OurCarbon™ biochar is rinsed with
naturally occuring nitrogen and phosphorous, two nutrients your plants need and can't get on their own if they're potted inside.

This biochar is made from organic that have been diverted from landfill, preventing (literally) tons of methane emissions while giving use to a material we'd thrown away.

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