African violet Saintpaulia ‘Orchid’s Bumble Magnet’

For sale: miniature african violets in self-watering pots.

Orchid’s Bumble Magnet produces lots of small, bubblegum-pink flowers that give it an old fashioned mini rose resemblance, florally! It will flower all year round, continuously, if you deadhead it and give it tons of indirect indoor light.

Easy to care for, easy to propagate and share, cheerful, pet-safe and apartment friendly (:

Each self-watering pot is 3d printed as-needed as new plants propagate and I use recycled glass jars for the water reservoir, so it’s about as low-waste as it gets. Eco friendly process, one-person operation.

I am here for any questions you have, before or after your purchase.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: Indirect sunlight, 6-12 hours best. Add more water to reservoir when dry. Trim dead flowers.

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