Braided money tree pachira aquatica

Braided money tree pachira aquatica in a 4 inch nursery pot.

Can pick up in Dogpatch, San Francisco or do the Gardeneur hub option.

Low maintenance plant makes a great gift.

Position your Money Tree in medium to bright indirect light, turning it every time you water it for even growth and leaf development. This plant will also adapt to low and fluorescent lights.

Your Money Tree prefers deep but infrequent watering. Water your Money Tree when the top 50%-75% of the soil is dry. Water the plant until it runs from the drainage holes and discard any excess water from the saucer. To prevent root rot, make sure your plant is never standing in water. Be sure to turn your Money Tree each time you water to allow for even growth and leaf development. Your Money Tree requires less water in the winter months when growth slows.

Your Money Tree prefers a bit of extra humidity so make sure you increase the humidity in the winter months with a pebble tray or a humidifier. It will also appreciate regular misting year-round.

Your Money Tree is most comfortable in temperatures between 65-80 degrees.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: see description

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