Birds’ nest “Nidus” FERN. Large

Plant in 6” pot.
Beautiful and shiny ferns. Easy to maintain.
Low to medium light.

Caring for Bird's Nest Fern
Avoid watering the center of the plant (the rosette) because it acts as a cradle and can cause the plant to rot. Instead, water the soil around the perimeter of the plant.
Test the moisture level by sticking a finger an inch into the soil.
Give the plant plenty of humidity by occasionally misting the fronds with a water bottle.
Add a layer of mulch over the soil surface to help it retain moisture.
During growing season, feed the fern every other week with a water-soluble fertilizer. Repot every couple of years in a larger pot with new soil.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: Keep the soil moist but not soggy

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