Windmill Palms 1gal

These trees are in 1 gal pots and stands approximately 12 inches tall.

Windmill palms prefer a semi-shade or shady location but will tolerate full sun in more northern climates. As long as there is good drainage, the windmill palm will grow in most soil conditions and pH levels. It does not like to have wet feet. The leaves are somewhat delicate, so a location somewhat sheltered from harsh winds is best as strong winds may shred the leaves.
Make sure to keep windmill palms well watered. There are no pruning requirements for this tree except for the standard advice to prune away any parts that have become dead, damaged, or diseased.

CANNOT ship to AZ due to federal agricultural restrictions... if you live here and order this tree, your order will be cancelled.
SHIPPING TIME- order now and your plants will be shipped out the next business day

DELIVERY- your plants may arrive a little more dry than you expected since they've traveled across the country. Please unpack them and give them a healthy drink. They will perk right back up. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

WARRANTY- If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your tree or with our service, please notify us immediately or within 30 days of receipt. We will correct the situation to your satisfaction.

SHIPPING SIZE- plants come in 1 gallon pots. These are young plants. You will not get a mature tree or plant

Sun requirement: Partial sun

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3 months ago

I am in California. Will this plant be shipped for free?

savannah w

3 months ago

Yes, what is your zipcode?


3 months ago


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