Philodendron 'Imperial Red' in 5" tall, 7" dia. Glazed Cachepot

This easy-grow Philodendron hybrid cultivar gives off a tropical vibe. The lustrous foliage starts out red then becomes dark green. Not a fast grower but striking nonetheless. Known to be an effective air purifier. Note that this plant is toxic to pets.

Your new plant arrives in a 4" plastic nursery pot inserted into a 5" tall, 7" diameter glazed ceramic cachepot and finished with Spanish moss.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: Ambient room temperatures between 65 – 80°F. Prefers consistent moisture. Avoid soggy soil; use very loose, porous and well-draining potting mix. Bright shade or morning sunlight and humidity above 50% for optimal growth. Wipe leaves occasionally with damp cloth for maximum luster. 

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