5-7 inch alluaudia procera in 4 inch pots

You're going to have to trust me that these are cool and also that they're impossible to photo well -- these are plants best appreciated in person.

That said -- if your hipster pad needs a cool vertical element, or if you've got a weird full sun spot in your yard that you want to spike up a bit -- these plants are rad.

They're from Madagascar, and their leaves are just a wee bit shorter than their many-many spikes. They lose their leaves every year, but then they come back, no problem.

I've got my personal plant of these out in full sun in my east bay yard and it's loving life. These can apparently get up to 6 feet tall, mine's about 4, and still doing fine. They are slow growers though.

Sun requirement: Full sun
Care instructions: full sun, succulent soil, water sparingly

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