Philodendron Pastazanum

Philodendron Pastazanum, a stunning large Ecuadorian creeper hailing from Pastaza, Ecuador! This plant does not vine out like your typical philodendron, instead it develops a large rhizome, or stem, that grows along the ground and sprouts new leaves from it. This is a hearty species of philodendron that is perfect for a new plant enthusiast. This plant has lovely heart shaped leaves that can grow to be a foot plus in size! Excellent houseplant that requires minimal maintenance.

Sun requirement: Partial shade
Care instructions: Reverse osmosis or distilled water, no tap water(leaf burn)! Water once a week same day, same time (plants love a schedule). Make sure adequate drainage (Plant'd Aroid Mix!) is maintained. Indirect sunlight or shielded sunlight( grown in 50% shade greenhouse)

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