Rare Monstera Dilacerata / Monstera SSP. / Monstera SP. Brazil

1 leaf 1 node showing growth and semi-rooted. Unknown "noid" Monstera subspecies, yet to be described. Sometimes sold as Dilacerata or Sierrana. Temporary given name is Burle Marx Flame. Leaf has a texture sort of like cardboard .It starts in this teardrop/flame shape appearance before it morphs in to mature form(last 4 photos sample of mature form).Originally from Brazil or maybe Mexico. More information needs to be gathered and studied. I would put this plant as one of the most elegant monsteras to have and as more coveted than philodendron spiritus sancti.

Last 2 photos are of the mature form.

Sun requirement: Partial shade
Care instructions: Airy aroid soil mix.Dry out a little between watering.

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