Philodendron Pink Princess cuttings

Pink princess philodendron cuttings.

3 cuttings available, taken from the top half of a very large and beautifully variegated PPP. Mother plant photos available and labeled.
I do not make cuttings unless the ariel roots are mature, long, and there is good spacing between nodes. This ensures plant success and future root growth whether you decide to put the plant in soil, water, leca, moss, or pon. Good humidity, drainage, and proper lighting is required.

They are currently in leca and pumice medium and rooting healthy thick roots. Roots are growing fast, a little longer than what pictures show

a) top cutting, one leaf present, new leaf getting ready to unfurl (SOLD)
b) mid cutting, 2 leaves, new growth point starting (SOLD)
c) mid cutting, 1 leaf ( Available)

Leaf span average of these cuttings is 6 inch
First picture is bottom half of mother plant

Sun requirement: Indoor

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