Anthurium clarinervium baby - SOLD OUT

Pot size: 3-4"
These babies have been acclimated for more than 2 months. They don't have perfect leaves but have shown signs of growth (new leaves or roots)

Limit to 2 plants per user
First come first serve

If shipped, they will be shipped with the pot. Do not repot for a month until the plant is fully acclimated at your place.

We will select the best available specimen for you.

Sun requirement: Partial sun
Care instructions: When the soil is almost dry out. It’s time to give water.

Public discussion (3)

kyle n

20 days ago

please let me know when you restock

Riberto C

11 days ago

Please let me know once you restock

Sarah P

7 days ago

LMK when you restock ✌

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