Philodendron micans - velvet leaf philodendron

Please join my waitlist for this item! I’ll have more in late December/early January 2021!

With appropriate light and fertilizer levels, the new growth on this species will remain bright red, turning green as the leaves mature.

Will happily climb if supported. Otherwise, a hanging pot or standard pot, placed high, would be preferred for this free, rambling vine.

These well-rooted specimens are all grown in 2” containers. I will only sell specimens with a well-developed vine, as seen in my first three images.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: Moist, well-draining, organic mix is ideal. Water thoroughly when top potting mix layer is dry, and allow water to fully drain and leach through the bottom of the pot. Do not allow water to collect in a saucer or tray and saturate the container mix at the base of the pot. Loves to be fed during the growing season. Performs well in average home relative humidity of 35-55%. Bright, indirect light preferred.

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