Rhaphidophora decursiva - dragon tail plant


Also called “creeping philodendron.”

Deep green, glossy leaves with a handsome venation pattern progress through several stages as the plant matures, ultimately developing many deep, parallel lobes.

Living up to its creeping common name, the thick stem on this species grows slow and horizontal, rooting regularly at each node. If provided with a support pole/totem, it will happily take advantage.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: Moist, well-draining, organic mix is ideal. Water thoroughly when top potting mix layer is dry, and allow water to fully drain and leach through the bottom of the pot. Do not allow water to collect in a saucer or tray and saturate the container mix at the base of the pot. Loves to be fed during the growing season. Performs well in average home relative humidity of 45-55%; higher works well, too. Bright, indirect light preferred.

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