#71 A southwestern door with lots of glass and a little butterfly

These mini doors started as a fun project to make kids and those walking along our street happy. They are installed on our fence which faces the sidewalk. There are so many door design possibilities! I've been experimenting with melting glass in the window and sky. I think it looks neat!

Recently, Higher Fire, a San Jose pottery studio, asked me to teach a class on how to make these and we had so much fun!

How to install your mini door: Each ceramic door has 2-3 holes for screws. First pre-drill holes in the wooden fence. Second, carefully and slowly screw in your screws. I recommend doing the last few turns by hand with a screwdriver. Keep the screw head slightly away from the ceramic piece. These doors do not come with screws, but if you need some, let me know. :) All doors are fired to cone 10.

Care instructions: Your mini door can be installed inside or outside.
Sun requirement: Unknown or not applicable

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