#55 A Seaside mini door

These mini doors started as a fun project to make kids and those walking along our street happy. They are installed on our fence that faces the sidewalk. With this seaside door I combined the images of an underwater world with the windy and wild shores of Mendocino.

Recently, Higher Fire, a San Jose pottery studio, asked me to teach a class on how to make these and we had so much fun!

How to install your mini door: Each ceramic door has 2-3 holes for screws. First pre-drill holes in your wooden fence. Second, carefully and slowly screw in your screws. I recommend doing the last few turns by hand with a hand held screwdriver. Keep the screw head slightly away from the ceramic piece. These doors do not come with screws, but if you need some, let me know. :) All doors are fired to cone 10.

Sun requirement: Unknown or not applicable
Care instructions: Your mini door can be installed inside or outside.

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