Ceropegia woodii - string of hearts - SOLD

This specimen has six vines over 40 inches long and achieved this size in about ten months. It is a prolific grower!

If you err toward infrequent waterings, low humidity, and have a very bright, indoor window, this may be a smart selection for you.

Excellent for a hanging basket/pot or a high windowsill or shelf.

A native of southern Africa, C. woodii is a temperate, succulent vine that thrives in bright light both indoors and outdoors. Some moderate direct light indoors is welcome, if it is not accompanied by high heat.

Hardy into the 40’s Fahrenheit, string of hearts can also live outdoors, but take caution in leaving it outdoors in late fall through early spring.

If transplanted into a larger container and displayed in a high position (currently it’s in a 4.5-inch pot), this specimen can easily add FEET to its trailing length.

If you transplant it into a larger container and want the container mix surface to fill out with leaves, simply take one of the trailing vines and coil it on the container mix surface and sprinkle a small amount of mix over the top of the stem, leaving the leaves exposed. This stem will quickly root, and will contribute many more hanging vines to the display.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: Indoors, keep it in bright light, some direct sun is acceptable, if not accompanied by high heat. Fertilize during the growing season. Water thoroughly, and use a porous container mix, such as cactus/succulent mix. Do not allow water to pool in saucer. Allow container mix to dry between waterings. This is a dry-adapted succulent, not tropical, and prefers infrequent, yet thorough, waterings. Low humidity ideal.

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