Platycerium bifurcatum, mounted staghorn fern

This super-healthy specimen is sturdily-mounted on rough redwood with high-grade sphagnum moss. The back of the mounting board is lined with plastic and there are 4 clear, rubber bumpers on the back as well (see second to last image in series).

Redwood frame dimensions are 11” wide by 18” tall. Length of longest fertile fronds is 17”.

This specimen is perfect for indoors, and is mounted to accommodate this environment if provided with bright, indirect light, and a +/- weekly, thorough watering. Be careful of heat accumulation if placed in a skylight well.

Currently, this specimen is hanging on the north side of my house. (Please pardon the tacky-colored wall - I own a fixer-upper!)
The last image is of this specimen mounted in my house earlier this spring.

Sun requirement: Full shade
Care instructions: Indoors and outdoors, protect from direct sunlight. Loves bright, indirect light. Water thoroughly, making sure that the full volume of moss is saturated at least once weekly during the growing season. Protect from excessive water during the winter. Can be fed with liquid or time release fertilizer at a low rate during the growing season.

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DMS Pottery

1 month ago

Wow, what an amazing plant and display!

Corey’s Botanicals

1 month ago

Thank you, Denise!

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