Deuterocohnia brevifolia (syn. Abrometiella brevifolia)

This slow-growing bromeliad is a native of Argentina and Bolivia.

Unlike most bromeliads, it is terrestrial, drought tolerant, and prefers bright, direct light for several hours during the day.

Foliage gaps will fill in over time as this specimen develops.

Care instructions: Moderate water and feeding only. Outdoors preferable. Full sun for several hours of the day is ideal.

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24 days ago

Do you have picture of the flowers?

Corey’s Botanicals

24 days ago

Thanks for the question! I don’t think I’ve taken pictures of the flowers. I’ve had it for two growing seasons, and it’s flowered both seasons. They’re pretty diminutive; easy to miss! Let me see if I can find a representative image online...

some outstanding images and specimens here:

Corey’s Botanicals

19 days ago

Trying to paste this link again:

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