Monstera deliciosa albo top cutting (not rooted)

For local pick up/delivery only
Top cutting with 2 nodes, 3 leaves, and 1 aerial root

Note that this is not a rooted cutting. You still need to grow this cutting into a new plant at your own risk. We will guide you on how you can grow this cutting. We have a 90% chance of success.

Sun requirement: Partial sun
Care instructions: Propagate using water or spagnum moss in a closed clear container

Public discussion (5)

Jenny W

3 months ago

Hi Liony, when do you anticipate having an albo top cutting?


3 months ago

It is available now


3 months ago

When will it be available again?

Ruth d

3 months ago

hi is it still.available?


3 months ago

Is this still avail? And do you ship???

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