Schlumbergera x exotica - rare!

The cuttings I am selling were struck in February 2020, are well-rooted in 2-inch pots, and 4-6 inches tall. Time-release fertilizer was recently added to all pots.

This rare, tropical cactus hybrid is a beauty. It is NOT your standard Christmas cactus. Its pink/fuchsia-colored flowers grace the stem tips at least twice annually in conducive growing environments. This is a beautiful, uncommon Schlumbergera that produces cylindrical - not flattened - stems.

My 7-year old specimen (round, teal pot), propagated from a small cutting, is more than 2 feet across and puts out over 100 flowers between November-December and follows with a slightly less intense bloom again around April. Mature images (2 ceramic-potted specimens) are included for reference.

Schlumbergera x exotica is a cross between S. truncata and S. opuntioides.

Sun requirement: Partial shade
Care instructions: This tropical cactus appreciates humidity, a porous, well-draining container mix, regular feeding, and either morning-direct or bright, indoor light. Thrives outdoors in a bright, shaded location as well; protect from both dry heat and frost.

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