Information about Gardeneur



1. Why

  • Enjoy FREE pick up and delivery in selected Bay Area cities
  • Buy locally at lower prices and support local businesses
  • Learn from experts who grow or handpick the plants for you
  • Find more plant varieties as our community grows

2. What are seller benefits?

  • Have your own seller's page
  • No more repostings of ads (e.g., on craigslist)
  • Deal with serious buyer only as they prepay online
  • No need to publicly disclose your home address
  • Build your online reputation

3. I have made an online purchase, now what?

The seller will need to approve the transaction to ensure that they can fulfill the quantity you ordered. Once approved, your credit card will be charged. If you are in the Bay Area, you may select the option to pick up your plants at one of our hubs.

4. Do you offer home delivery?

Starting February 14, 2022, we no longer provide a home delivery service. Instead, you can have your order delivered to one of our hubs in the Bay Area (see Gardeneur Hubs section below to learn more about how it works) and the good news is that there is NO MINIMUM ORDER. Please contact us if you have further questions about our hub delivery service.

5. What can I list on

You can sell or give away plants you grow in your backyard, fresh cuttings, seeds, or other garden-related items subject to your state/local county requirements (if any). Some plants like citrus may have stricter requirements than others in California. You can even sell fresh produce. Starting January 1, 2015, a new law (AB-1990) authorizes Community Food Producers to sell or provide whole uncut fruits or vegetables if they meet specified requirements. You can read more about this new law here. If you are looking for a particular plant, you can also list your request on our site so other gardeneurs can make you an offer.

6. Why do I need to set up a payment method on my gardeneur account?

You are only required to set up a payment method if you plan to sell plants with us. Linking your bank account allows you to receive payments from buyers.  Simply go to Login > Settings > Payment and link the bank you would like us to send payment to when there is a sale. We do not store your bank account information in our database, as we use Stripe as a payment processing vendor. Stripe is a reputable payment processing company used by many companies from startups to Fortune 500s.
Without a payment setup, buyers cannot purchase your listings and will get a big warning message. We would like to keep our listings up to date and as clean as possible. Any listings without payment will be removed within 24 hrs.

7. How does make money?

Gardeneur charges a 10% transaction fee and delivery fees. Sellers can list as many items for FREE.

8. How much should I sell my plants?

It is totally up to you. In general, we recommend selling the plants lower than the price offered at your local retail stores, because we eliminate rental and shipping costs. You may also want to factor in Gardeneur transaction fee in your price. In addition, some plants could sell for more because of their aesthetic features or because it comes with a very nice planter. Some plants are just priceless and not for sale. We have one of those ourselves that we are not ready to let go :)

9. How do I find botanical names for my plants?

If you are listing plants, we highly recommend you include the botanical name of your plant, so it can be easier to find. You can do a quick Google Image search from the desktop to find similar-looking plants. Simply click the camera icon to upload the image of your plants and Google will display all matching pictures. The botanical names of the plants are typically used in the title of the image files.

10. Do I need to obtain a license to sell nursery stock from my backyard?

It depends on your state and county regulations. Some states like California require you to obtain a nursery license. You can submit this form to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The license costs $150 per year if you sell more than $1000/year plus an acreage fee if you own a big backyard (more than 1 acre). Otherwise, the fee is waived, but you will still need to report what plants you grow and sell by submitting a fee-exempt nursery license to the county. As a starter, you can apply for a fee-exempt nursery license first, then switch to a regular license after your sale reaches $1000/year. For more information on nursery licenses, you can visit CDFA Nursery, Seed, and Cotton Program site.

11. Can shipping be combined?

Plants that belong to the same seller can potentially be combined AFTER purchase. Otherwise they will need to be shipped separately. Note that not all plants can be combined for shipping. Sometimes, our sellers will need to ship plants separately to reduce risk of damage during shipment.

12. I found pests or other issues with the plants I purchase. Can I get a refund?

In general, if you notice pests or any issues on the plants you purchase, you must report about any pests within 10 days from when you receive the plants to get some sort of compensation from our sellers. Please contact the seller and ask for an email where you can send a photo of the entire plant top down. We strive to make sure that your plants are free of pests, but pests are unfortunately everywhere and we cannot track where they come from. As gardeneurs, our goal is to educate you on how you should deal with pests.

13. Does Gardeneur offer buyer and seller protection?

Yes, we do. Our goal as the plant marketplace is to make transactions safe and secured specifically for the plant communities. Our growers are committed to providing healthy plants, free of pests, and complete information about the plants they are selling. Note that refund policy varies from seller to seller. We recommend our sellers put their return policy on their profile pages. In general, we honor a full refund or a partial refund, based on all evidence we collect from each party. As a buyer, you have 10 days to file a dispute from the day when you receive your plant. Gardeneur team will investigate each case. Gardeneur team will make the final judgment based on the collected evidence. Our goal is to resolve any disputes between both parties. To receive a full refund or exchange, it is the buyer's responsibility to return the plant to the seller in the same condition when you receive it. For all plant mails, the buyer will likely get a partial refund from the seller. The amount of refund will depend on the issues reported by you. If you are unsure about the refund policy, please ask the seller before you make your purchase. Note that if plants are lost, damaged, or missing during shipment, this will be covered by the postal service if insurance is included or purchased.

13. As a seller, when will I receive my fund?

You will receive the fund in your bank account 2 business days after the buyer mark the order completed. If the buyer does not mark the transaction as completed, our system will automatically mark it as completed 2 weeks after the transaction was accepted by the seller.

13. What is Gardeneur Hub?

We are continuously improving ways to fulfill your orders. If you live in the Bay Area, you can now pick up your orders from one of our hubs closest to you at no extra cost.
How it works: 
1. Purchase plants online from any of our Bay Area sellers with NO MINIMUM ORDER
2. Pick up your orders at one of our Hubs:
  • Astraea Foliage (812 S Winchester Blvd Ste 130, San Jose) - Tue-Sun (11AM - 6PM)
  • Tea Lyfe Saratoga (14554 Big Basin Way) - Tue-Thurs, Sun (12PM - 5PM), Fri-Sat (12PM-6PM)
  • Poke-nomics (1661 Hollenback Ave, Sunnyvale) - Sun-Thurs (11AM - 8PM), Fri-Sat (11AM-9PM)
  • Bare Bowls (530 Emerson St, Palo Alto) - Mon-Sun (8AM - 5PM)
  • Cyclismo Cafe (871 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City) - Tue-Sun (8AM - 3PM)
  • Penelope's Coffee and Tea (3 Plaza View Ln, Foster City) - Mon-Sun (7AM - 4.30PM)
  • Dead Eye Coffee Bar (415 Grand Ave Suite 100, South San Francisco) - Mon-Fri (7AM - 1PM), Sat-Sun (8AM - 1PM)
  • Ballast Coffee (329 W Portal Ave, San Francisco) - Mon-Sat (7.30AM - 5PM), Sun (8AM-3PM)
  • Neighbor's Coffee (499 Douglass St, San Francisco) - Mon-Fri (7AM - 3PM), Sat-Sun (7AM-3PM)
  • Arcana (2512 Mission St, San Francisco) - Wed-Sun (11AM - 7PM)
  • Lilikoi SF (3108 Fillmore St, San Francisco) - Mon-Thurs (11AM-11PM), Fri-Sat (11AM-2AM), Sun (11AM-10PM)
  • Poke Parlor Oakland (311 20th St) - Mon-Sat (11AM - 6PM)
  • Lever Coffee (37 Alamo Square Dr, Alamo) - Mon-Sun (7AM - 3PM)
  • Brighton Pleasanton (2417 Stoneridge Mall Rd) - Mon-Sat (11AM - 7PM), Sun (12-6PM)
  • Mama Cho's (18911 Lake Chabot Rd, Castro Valley) - Mon-Sat (11AM - 7PM)
  • California Plantin' (3791 Smith St, Union City) - Wed-Fri (12PM - 7PM), Sat (10AM - 5PM), Sun (11AM - 3PM)
  • RawASF Fremont (3768 Capitol Ave Unit D, Fremont) - Mon-Sun (10AM - 5PM)
  • RawASF Milpitas (1679 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas) - Mon-Sun (10AM - 9PM)
  • Plantlush (East Santa Clara Street, San Jose) - Mon-Sun (12PM - 6PM)
  • Tea Lyfe San Jose (989 Story Rd, San Jose) - Sun-Thurs (11AM - 8PM), Fri-Sat (11AM-9PM)

14. Do you have a process to confirm someone has picked up and the transaction is complete?

Yes, we recommend sellers always ask the buyer to mark the transaction as "completed" when they pick up the plants. You can require the buyer to mark the transaction before handing the plants to the buyer, but this is typically not necessary as we have a review system in place. So this process ensures that everyone fulfills their obligations. If the buyer never picks up the plants, our system will automatically mark the transaction as completed within 7 days.