Information about Gardeneur


Our Story

Our story started in 2017 with the gratifying experience of selling succulent arrangements at our first-ever plant booth at our son’s school. Our feet were tired from a long day of standing, but we felt good about sharing our knowledge and plants grown in our garden. This stint has inspired us. What if we could make locally grown plants accessible to everyone?
As backyard gardeners and plant enthusiasts, we realized that finding plants on our wishlist was never easy. Buying plants from local nurseries offered a great in-person shopping experience — but our choices were limited to plants they had in stock and mostly priced at a premium. Though more plant varieties were available online, shipping was too risky, and finding ethically sourced plants was a challenge.
We wanted to combine the “local community” experience with the ease of online shopping, all while promoting sustainability. This was the idea behind Gardeneur.
Since then, we’ve outgrown that single stand. We have connected over 10,000 plant hobbyists and have partnered with 20+ local businesses as hubs in the Bay Area. Our team has grown too! We hope you’ll join us in sharing your passion for plants and giving back to the Earth.
Happy growing!
With love,
Liony and Gent