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The idea of creating a marketplace for all things garden came up when I found out that another local nursery, a favorite of mine, was closing its door due to high rent. What I missed the most about the nursery were the variety of plants they offered and their knowledgeable staffs. So I shared with my techie husband about my wild idea of creating a platform where people can buy or sell plants they grow in their own gardens and his response was 'why the hell not?' A week later, we started, a marketplace for garden entrepreneurs

Through many years of gardening, I’ve learned so much about growing and caring for various plants from friends, parents at my son’s school, church community, neighbors, and of course my mom. They are very passionate about growing certain types of plants and many are even more knowledgeable than most nursery staffs. As for me, succulents are my go to plants. They are the easiest to grow in my backyard to the point that I need to cut them back, but I don’t want my succulents to go straight to the compost bin. allows me and you to connect, share our plants knowledge, and buy/sell plants that we proudly grow ourselves. You might finally be able to find the variety of plants you have been looking for at a much lower cost and it might just be a block away :).