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Hi there! We are Camille and Barry ! We are TERRACOTTA AND OLIVE. We started this plant journey ever since we started our life together. On our days together, we usually go around all the nurseries and plant shops and botanical gardens. We usually bond over plants and gardening. And that is how it started :)

Growing up, Camille’s grandma takes care of so many orchids in her garden, she evens sings to them. She saw how her plant collection grew, and how she propagated all of her plants. She grew up around so much plants and probably that is where her love of plants started. Now, she is her own plant lady like her grandma. She sings to her plants too now and talks to them LOL. She doesn’t remember what her first plant was. But she does know, she was already crazy about plants back in high school. She would spend her allowance on plants. She think it got crazy with bonsai and cactus back then. One of her plants back in the Philippines is still alive and still a bonsai LOL. Meanwhile, Barry didn’t know he had a plant obsession in him. He usually just grabs an herb plant or a random plant whenever he goes grocery shopping. Then he ends up with a whole bunch of herbs in his small patio. He loves planting herbs and vegetables! He takes pride in his herbs and especially all his chilli peppers.

Now, our apartment is full of plants and we don’t know how it got this far haha. I think we got so into propagating plants and of course got crazy in collecting them. We are always in the hunt for cool plants that will give us butterflies in our stomach when we first see them, like love at first sight. Seeing all the foliage makes us happy. So here we are, we decided to share our plant obsession to you guys and help you find and feel the butterflies in your stomach when you see the plant beauties we find. Enjoy!

We take full pride in taking care of our plants with love! Getting ready for their forever home! If you have any questions about a listing, pls feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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