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plvntly is a small business in Northern California, formed by a conservation biologist and an entrepreneur husband and wife team that combined their passion of houseplants and 3D print designing to create stylish plant products with a purpose. Our goal has always been to make something functional and aesthetically pleasing to display in our home, right alongside our growing houseplant collection.

Our modular plant solutions give plant growers complete control and are adaptable to accommodate space and plant size restrictions. They allow growers to have versatility without forcing them to commit to permanent solutions. plvntly poles are easily extendable, lightweight, and stable.

plvntly products use PLA filament, which is a renewable resource derived from sugarcane or corn starch. Unlike traditional plastic that is made from petroleum, PLA will not stay in the environment forever. It is degradable and compostable at high temperatures at industrial composting facilities, and if left in landfill, will decompose in under 30 years.

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