Anthurium Dorayaki (4" pot)

Pot size: 4"
Number of leaves: 2-4

The second picture shows the relative size of the plants in small, medium, and large size. Note that you may not get the exact plants in the picture.

The size of roots is really what determines the size of the pot. If the plant has smaller leaves but big roots, we still put it in a bigger pot for obvious reason. This is why the size of leaves you receive will vary. The bigger the roots, the higher chance you could propagate the plants.

Note that even though the plants have been acclimated for 2 weeks in California and have passed critical time of surviving from oversea shipment, they still need further acclimation in your area or especially indoor. Some leaves may turn yellow and fell off during acclimation process. Most importantly is to keep the roots healthy so new leaves can grow. A friend of ours recommends a well draining soil comprising of 20% cactus soil, 40% orchid bark, 30% perlite, and 10% coir. You will need to pot this in the right soil mix if you receive the plants bareroot from us.

Anthurium Dorayaki is one of anthrurium collector's item. The leaves are rounder and thicker than Crystallinum and the veins are white and much wider. The plant also tends to grow sideway as opposed to growing taller like other Anthuriums. Some plant enthusiasts say it is a hybrid between Chrystallinum and Clarinervium.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: When the soil is almost dry out. It’s time to give water.

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