Senecio peregrinus (Dolphin Necklace) -2nd batch

In 4” pot. Fully and long string. Buyer pays shipping. USPS 1st class for 1-2 pots.

Senecio peregrinus is a beautiful, succulent plant up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall with leaves that look like tiny, little dolphins jumping out of the waves. As they grow, they are becoming more and more similar, perfecting themselves as an impressive potted plant.

Like all succulents, these plants are tolerant of periods of dryness but will need to be kept moist enough to prevent the dolphin leaves from puckering. Choose a well-draining potting medium and use a container that is just a bit larger than the plant. Dolphin Plants thrive in slightly crowded conditions.

Care instructions: Love moist but not wet soil. Need well drained planter
Sun requirement: Partial shade

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