Anthurium Crystallinum (6" pot)

Pot size: 6"
Number of leaves: 2+

Anthurium Crystallinum is a collector item among tropical plant enthusiasts. It is known for its heart shaped leaves. Rare and highly sought after, Anthurium 'Crystallinum' is a fancy foliage anthurium native to tropical rain forests. 'Crystallinum' has large, heart-shaped, deep-green, velvety leaves with pronounced white veins. Leaves can measure up to 2' across and small crystals in the veins cause the leaves to sparkle. Flowers appear intermittently throughout the year. The inflorescence is a green spathe with a pale green spadix inside that once pollinated has purple seeds. Grow in warm temperatures (60-85 °F), high humidity, indirect light and provide steady moisture.
Anthurium Crystallinum was given the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit for its spectacular foliage.

Sun requirement: Indoor
Care instructions: When the soil is almost dry out. It’s time to give water.

Public discussion (2)

Maggie W

1 month ago

Is this the exact plant being sold?


1 month ago

The one in pic was sold already. There is a new batch currently being acclimated. You can purchase them now and they will be available in 2-3 weeks.

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