Jade Portulacaria Afra Pre Bonsai Starter JaysBonsaiTrees

Very healthy and established lucky dwarf Jade (Portulacaria Afra Variegata - Elephant Bush) starter tree.

Great gift idea for beginner or advanced growers!

Drought tolerant.

Very easy/low maintenance, hardy and comes with simple to follow care guide (upon request).

Height: 6" tall above soil
Trunk: approx. .5" wide at base
Pot: 6" round plastic training pot

Contact us anytime for care questions.

Portulacaria Afra:
Soft-wooded, semi-evergreen upright shrub or small tree, usually 2.5–4.5 metres (8–15 ft) tall. Similar in appearance to the unrelated "jade plant" Crassula ovata (family Crassulaceae), P. afra has smaller and rounder pads and more compact growth (shorter internodal spaces, down to 1.5 mm). It is much hardier, faster growing, more loosely branched, and has more limber tapering branches than Crassula once established.

Quality is our number one priority! Every bonsai tree by Jay's Bonsai is unique in it's own way. Our trees are carefully trained and nurtured until they are healthy and happy before they are available for purchase. Most of our trees thrive outdoors. Some species can be grown indoors with bright light and do great on a sunny window sill.

Sun requirement: Partial shade
Care instructions: comes with care guide

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