Plantheology's Value Potting Mat

Are you looking for something straightforward, utilitarian, and just want to get the job done? You want something minimalist (who can go wrong with the color black?) nice and affordable?

Introducing the Plantheology "Plant Basics" Potting Mat, a limited edition and affordable mat for your repotting needs. These mats will not be offered again once they sell out.

The black color is a classic. The material is made of durable PVC material that is tear proof, malleable and isn’t a make shift potting mat made with rigid shelf liner - unlike other mats floating around.

32inches (L) x 25inches (W)

- Waterproof and easy to clean. Wipe, sweep or spray clean in the shower with dish soap.
- The mat easily rolls up and is the size of a wrapping paper roll.
- The mat is secured with a strap that buttons up so you can tuck it in any closet or corner in your apartment
- Equipped with snaps at each corner to fold up the tarp edges, this will help contain the soil while repotting

PVC material
Only comes in Black.

Please note: the material is malleable and soft. When the corners are snapped, the folds don't stick straight up. You can contour by folding.

Mats will be shipped folded and in a poly mailer.

Born in San Francisco. We designed this ourselves and worked with a manufacturer in China.

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