Aquilegia vulgaris - European columbine seed

1/2 gram of seed per packet; fresh seed

If you're a fan of garden perennials that gently naturalize from season to season, this lovely violet-blue species is worth considering!

This strain of common columbine has been growing at my childhood home - in our California garden - for near 40 years, and reproduces true to type with each subsequent generation. It was only introduced once, and has always been a welcome volunteer. I have shared it with friends, and it now resides in my home garden, as well. As such, it certainly fits the definition of "heirloom."

See more information at the MoBot website on its history and cultivation (far right image at page bottom is best representation of my strain):

Sun requirement: Full sun
Care instructions: I would amend the information found at the MoBot link in my above description by adding that this strain - as it has been grown for generations in hot California - performs very well in both hot and light-intense conditions and in soils that haven't always been the most organically-rich. Plant seed in very shallow soil and water gently and regularly until they establish. Seedlings can be separated/divided carefully, particularly in cooler weather. Germinating in 6-packs or other similar trays and transplanting into the garden in mid-late spring yields great results.

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