My love for plants is run in the family. My mom has container plants all over her no-back yard house, a typical house in a big city like Jakarta and my mom told me that I inherited my grandma’s habit of always moving plants around. The later drives my husband crazy, but in my defense I truly believe that a garden is forever evolving and from years of gardening, I’ve found that succulents are the most resilient, easy to move around, forgiving but stunningly beautiful. Now, I have succulents everywhere inside and outside the house. Succulents come in all sort shapes and colors and growing habits. All of those attributes make succulents my go to plants. I have discovered that most people who claimed that they do not have a green thumb when given easy starter plants or cuttings along with easy care instruction they become successful gardeners. I now live succulently and so should you :)

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It was a fantastic workshop. Learned so much about different varieties of succulents. Liony is so knowledgeable and so kind! Love the piece she helped us create. Look forward to more workshops.

Nancy Buckles

Nancy B about listing Succulent frame arrangement workshop 14 days ago.

Fantastic! I learned a lot about the various types of succulents, care and needs of them and how to work them into an interesting window box arrangement. A fun, delightful workshop.

Lori V about listing Succulent frame arrangement workshop 22 days ago.

Thank you

Nichole Marchese about listing Tree Aeonium 27 days ago.