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Hi! Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. I truly believe in growing organic plants for a better, healthier environment. I use no pesticides or chemicals when growing my plants.

Succulents are the main focus at my shop but I do have other plants. If remembering to water your plants isn’t really your thing, well then good news, because succulents can survive it! They only need a small amount of water once a week. Succulents need partial sun, and thrive in shady areas. As a plus, they are great as indoor or outdoor plants.

Return policy:
- If you notice any pests or damages, you must report the issues within 10 days from when you receive the plant by filing a dispute and contacting us about the issue, so we can make decisions regarding the refund amount. You may receive a partial refund depending on the issues
- We are not responsible for lost packages or any damages caused by delayed shipping or extreme weather as it is outside of our control. Some leaves may yellow or wilt during shipment. This is normal and expected as plants undergo a lot of stress during shipment.
- Unless explicitly stated on the listing, some plants may look different from the ones in pictures.

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I just hope my plant survives the shipment from Lia Garden to my location. I will update in a few months. I’m please with Lia garden that was very responsive with all my questions.

Looking fwd to receiving these beauties

Cyn P about listing Baby Echeveria Imbricata 3 years ago.

Thank you for the plants. It is beautiful.

goKlove about listing Baby Echeveria Imbricata 4 years ago.