Information about Gardeneur


Albo Cutting Giveaway

We are giving away this Monstera deliciosa albo variegata cutting. This time we are inviting @thegreenbum to help us judge the posts. Here’s how you can win:
  1. Create a new IG feed post (not story or IGTV) showing how you can inspire others to GROW. It is a plus if you share useful tips or tricks you learned from growing your plants and pictures of progresses
  2. Mention “Join @gardeneur #allcangrow challenge to inspire others to grow” in your post description.
We will randomly select the winner on Mar 8 from the TOP 10 users, 5 top posts selected based on IG algorithm under #allcangrow hashtag and 5 selected based on our judge decision. Yes! You can submit multiple posts to increase your chance of being in our top 10. Don’t forget to follow @gardeneur and @thegreenbum to find out if you win. Join our ALL CAN GROW movement to inspire others to grow :)


  1. We don’t have control over IG algorithm for the selection of the top 5 users. You can search for “#allcangrow” on IG to see who are currently in top 5. We believe top posts are determined based on user interactivity. So the more interesting your post is, the more likes/comments it gets, and the more likely it will be on the top. To give opportunities to our users who may not have a lot of followers, our judge will select 5 users with the most inspiring posts. The top 10 users will be announced on Mar 8, 2021 and the winner will be selected on the same day.
  2. You can create multiple posts to increase your chance to be on our top 10 from Feb 22 - Mar 7, 2021, but you will only earn one entry for the drawing regardless of how many posts you create. We will select the top 10 users (NOT top 10 posts).
  3. All participants are required to follow @gardeneur and @thegreenbum.
  4. Your post must be in the main feed and could in the form of photos, short videos (up to 15 sec), and boomerangs. It does not have to have a long description but must include “Join @gardeneur #allcangrow challenge to inspire others to grow”
  5. US only. We can ship to Hawaii or other more restrictive states without soil and with proper labeling, but we are not responsible for any damages or destructions of plants.

Upcoming Plant Sales

Come and enjoy a wide selections of plants offered by our gardeneur sellers

Mar 13 Pop up at Santana Row (377 Santana Row, San Jose, CA)
11-5 pm at Maker's Market Open Air Market

Mar 21 Pop up at Green Design (1341 The Alameda, San Jose, CA)
1-4 pm at in front of the store.

Open-Air Spring Market (TBD)