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The tradescantia nanouk is gorgeous!

Debbie L about listing Tradescantia nanouk 2 days ago.

So when I ordered the plant originally, the seller messaged me and told me they ran out but would have more within 2-3 weeks. I decided to wait for it instead of getting a refund and on the 3rd week, I received the plant. It came taped to the box

& wrapped in paper towels instead of in the 6in pot(the description said). Some leaf damage & brusing did occur but overall, I think it will recover just fine. It has a nice root system & nothing was rotten. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being: I would never buy again & 10 being: best experience ever w/ no issues at all, I give this order a 7.

Hope this is helpful.

Kalie E about listing Philodendron hastatum silver 2 days ago.

awesome plants and arrived in great condition!

Simone F about listing A pair of philodendron micans 4 days ago.