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Daly City, CA 94014, USA


Thank you so much for considering our plant business. We are a couple from Daly City California who are passionate about caring for plants. Our current business have a focus on indoor tropical plants from common, uncommon, and rare varieties. At home, we do also enjoy growing edible plants (fruits like blueberries and strawberries and vegetables such as tomatoes and leafy greens) We also enjoy caring for perennial plants which gives many colors to our backyard.

We currently use Instagram and Facebook market place to sell our plants. Our main goal is to eventually open up our own plant shop/store in the future. For now, we are finding as many ways we can sell our plants and pots. One of the ways is that we have partnered with two coffee shops one in San Francisco and the other in Pacifica California. Both cafes are carrying many varieties of our indoor plants.

Our passion also extends outside as we are continuously visiting nurseries across the bay area. Though it is more work, we choose to visit nurseries ourselves to see and choose the best looking and healthiest plants to sell. We also propagate and grow some plants ourselves. This ensures that we will always have some stock of a plant or plants that are difficult to find.

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