Growing plants is the best therapy for me and I am joyful to be able to share them with you!


Plants pictures are mine, however, keep in mind that this is one from many plants I have (when I offer multiples)

I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. If this ever happens a claim will be file and if the claim is solved in our favor, I will refund your money. Lost, delayed or damaged packages are not generally refunded since this is the sole responsibility of the USPS.

The plant will be packaged with the utmost care, but please be aware that some slight damage (a few broken leaves, some wilting, dropped blooms, some soil out of pot) is possible during shipping, and I will not refund orders under these circumstances, however if a plant receives above normal transit damage, please send a photo of damage product on the day of arrival and we will get you partial to full refund depending on the situation.

Happy growing!

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Things went beautifully, thank you for the wonderful plant!


Very well!