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Thank you very much for considering doing business with me!

I am a professional horticulturist who also has a passion for plants outside of my day job. I am a career consultant, curator, horticultural educator, and propagator, and a hobbyist indoor and outdoor gardener. I am a sustainable grower, and always err toward organic practices. Most all of the material I sell is propagated by me from my own stock plants.

Many of my customers return for future purchases, and I enjoy maintaining contact with them as their new acquisitions adapt to their new environments. I am generous with my time. I am constantly mind-blown at the sophisticated facilities created and investments made by our avid hobbyist clientele. Many times, I learn from you!

Please message me about anything you see in my lineup, or anything you may like to see in my lineup. I'm always up for acquiring and learning how to propagate a new species.

My shipping and return policy:
Unless otherwise explicitly stated or discussed, I do all of my shipping on Mondays in an attempt to avoid a Sunday delay.

If you notice any pests or damage, please report the issue within 10 days of receipt of the plant by contacting me about the issue. At that time, we can make decisions regarding how to approach your situation; my recommendations may include discussing a full or partial refund, replacement, or a control method for a pest. I will ask for images of the specimen(s).

I am not responsible for lost packages or any damage caused by delayed shipping or extreme weather, as it is outside of my control. However, I will insure each shipment for the purchase price of the plant (I’ll gladly share the costs involved in shipping, my shipping charge covers only my materials and postage cost), and you will be refunded your full payment if this occurs. Assuming I have additional specimens, I will happily offer replacement instead of a refund. Some leaves may yellow or wilt during shipment. They may even fall off after being unboxed. This is normal and expected; dark, stuffy boxes with little to no ventilation, potential extreme temperature fluctuations, frequent jostling, and standing on their heads can be quite stressful for shipped plants, and sometimes the effects are not immediately expressed. Variegated foliage can be particularly sensitive and may be the first to exhibit an adverse response to shipping.

On the variegated note, a disclaimer. There are two types of variegated plants that I commonly sell. The first consists of plants with "pattern variegation." Pattern variegation is stable. This type of variegation is common with plants such as Peperomia prostrata and Maranta and Ctenanthe species, among many others. Ficus natalensis ssp. leprieurii 'Variegata' is also likely a result of pattern variegation. The second classification of plants, those with "chimeric variegation," are inherently less stable, more variable, and, perhaps therefore, can at times be much more highly sought, treasured, and priced. Philodendron burle-marxii 'Variegata', Monstera deliciosa 'Albovariegata', and Philodendron 'Pink Princess' are some examples of plants with chimeric variegation. Due to the inherent, variable nature of the forms of chimeric variegation (there are several), it is impossible to predict the future performance of this material. I do not sell material that appears in a state of reversion without labeling it as such. Certainly, lighting, hydration, and feeding are critical. But ultimately, the variable nature of this mutation can at times lead to decreasing variegation. In this case, there are pruning methods that may prove remedial. I am more than happy to freely provide advice, as needed, if your specimen appears to be reverting at any point post-purchase, however, I cannot offer a refund for material that appears to be reverting post-sale.

I will communicate clearly with you and share the tracking number so that you may coordinate receipt and unboxing. Once you receive the tracking number, I am not responsible for further communication about the shipment, unless you initiate the communication, in which case I will happily, promptly, respond.

Unless explicitly stated on the listing, or your selection of a “specimen A,” for example, some plants may look different from the ones in pictures. If you are concerned, please ask me. I'm always happy to send you additional pictures by text or email before you commit to a purchase.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions about this policy at any time. I develop great growing relationships with many of my customers, and I look forward to talking with you!

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Excellent seller!! Great communicator and people plant!! Love it and thank you!!

Absolutely smooth. Lovely!

Really great transaction and communication! Also wonderful care in packaging the plant picking up from HQ. I definitely look forward to more purchases from Coreys Botanicals.